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weekly pay Boston and surrounding areas

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Hello there, first i would like to thank all the Uber drivers for their service and I want to let you guys know that your service is highly appreciated. I am in the middle of conducting a research paper about uber and it's busines model. If you guys could help me with one of my questions I would highly appreciate it. My question is for for both full time drivers and part time drivers. how much do you guys make on a weekly basis, and how many drives do you do each day? I thank you in advance,
Sincerely, Josh AKA "doberman617"
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i have my own car, i usually make $700 to $1,000. averages out to be $20 an hour, depending on demand.30 - 50 hours a week. i use both apps

the billboards and radio adds are bullsheet about our earnings
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to clarify: that is my weekly payout average

i kind of thought that since we are subcontractors that those details were a given. so essentially that is pre tax with toll reimbursement
i usually take the mileage deduction plus a few other business related deductions because i own my car
insurance, phone, charger cables, bluetooth headphones etc to name a few off the top of my head.
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