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weekly pay Boston and surrounding areas

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Hello there, first i would like to thank all the Uber drivers for their service and I want to let you guys know that your service is highly appreciated. I am in the middle of conducting a research paper about uber and it's busines model. If you guys could help me with one of my questions I would highly appreciate it. My question is for for both full time drivers and part time drivers. how much do you guys make on a weekly basis, and how many drives do you do each day? I thank you in advance,
Sincerely, Josh AKA "doberman617"
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Did you just call me an idiot?
Seems to me you are more of an a-hole rather than an idiot but they both go together nicely for you. Well done, you've perfected it.
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I am sorry man but this forum is populated by a-holes.
No it isn't. And don't bother logging into the Zello channel because I'll kick you off. No time for your bullshit.
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wow, I didn't mean to stir up all this mess,
Not your fault. You asked an honest question and deserve an honest answer. You don't deserve this bullshit:
I make 100k a year, do about 5 to 10 drives a day,
Why people take their time to post like this is beyond me but it's bad for me, you, and anyone trying to get at the truth of this business by sharing information.

We get these people from time to time, he'll go away when he's tired of taking shit.
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