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First Puker: Picked up 2 young ladies downtown Minneapolis heading to a small private college in St. Paul. A school not really known for their partying. They didn't seem real drunk but they were talking about some shots some married guy bought them. One of the girls starts saying she might puke so I give her one of my hospital grade barf bags and say this because it was helpful. We're not going far so I'm thinking we might make it. Unfortunately then the other girl says she is going to puke. Her friend gives her the bag and sure enough she pukes. Not a little this girl really gets after it. Her friend starts laughing and teasing her (real nice) but kept her mind off her own problems. Fortunately we were close to her dorm and none got in or on the car. The bag was full. No tip!

First 3.x pick up: I'd never picked up a PAX with this low a rating but I was in the suburbs having just drop off someone else and I was 3 blocks away. Of course the address doesn't exist. They are in a townhouse complex. I get her on the phone and figure out where she is. I know I should have canceled and picked up my $4 but I was curious why she was rated so low. 4 girls finally get in they tell me they all went to local private high schools (explains their attitudes), ask for aux cord blare some rap, its one of there 23rd birthdays, load talking smack, etc. Fairly typical but when I drop them off one says Uber driver you're annoying. Boom 1* and my experiment is over.

First 4 stacker: had 4 pings in a row before dropping off the PAX. It was kind of nice to jump from one to the other non stop. Not huge rides but better than sitting.

No tip: May be not a first but I picked up 2 older ladies from a restaurant kind of late bringing them home. They chatted the whole way so a nice ride. Get to their house I hear one lady whisper to the other "should I tip"? The other lady says "no" and they get out. WTF!
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