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No FBI background check, no drug test, no insurance, no business license, no Sherriff card. Low barriers to entry. NV will have weakest regulations in the country.

That piece from the taxi industry is full of inaccuracies and misleading. I would suggest you read the full text of both the legislation and the regs. Most jurisdictions have no TNC regs and the NV regs are similar to what they have in CA and NY. In terms of TNC regs NV has one of the highest thresholds to be able to drive.

There is a background check.

Insurance is required. Not commercial insurance but a hybrid policy written specifically for TNC. There was additional legislation to allow that to be offered in NV.

Business licenses can still be required by the local municipality as they would with any other business. Judging from the regs it appears a state business license will be required though not clear if the home business exemption will be required.

Work cards (what used to be called a "sherriffs card") are available only for employees that have been hired. It's up to the employer to file the necessary paperwork for the card. The requirement for a work card has been minimized over the last 10 years or so with the primary cards for most being gaming, TAM or health card. The legislation already precludes much of what the word card covers in terms of disqualifying a driver. It's also specific to Clark County with the legislation being something that is used state wide.

Vehicle inspections required.

The vehicle operator needs permission from the lien holder or lessor to be able to use the vehicle for TNC. This will likely be the biggest, single barrier for those that otherwise qualify and have the funds.

I feel drug testing should be included but other than than I see the regs as a good balance.
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