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WE WON! For those drivers having difficulty getting vendo ID's at military installations because of obsolete request forms, Here in Charleston with the assistance of Senator Graham, changes are in the making to account for the new rideshare technology. Kinda long, but once this is in place it is a Federal regulation, and should encompass all military bases:
March 30, 2016
SAF/LL 1160 Air Force Pentagon Washington, DC 20330
The Honorable Lindsey O. Graham United States Senator 530 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard, Suite 202 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Dear Senator Graham:
This is in response to your inquiry on behalf of Mr. James Yxxxxxxkas regarding operating as an independent contractor/Transportation Network Driver (Uber) on Joint Base Charleston (JB CHS).
In Mr. Yxxxxkas’ inquiry, he states he understands the requirement to be vetted prior to operating as an Uber driver on JB CHS and claims that current Department of Defense, Air Force, and JB CHS rules have not been reviewed to consider the operation of Uber drivers, which he asserts is different from the operation of taxi drivers on JB CHS.
For security and force protection reasons, we are required to follow two references, Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 31-113, Installation Perimeter Access Control, and the JB CHS Integrated Defense Plan (IDP). AFMAN 31-113, paragraph 6.3.8., requires all commercial, delivery and/or contract vehicles requesting to enter the installation be vetted. The JB CHS Integrated Defense Plan (IDP), TAB F, paragraph 3.1, specifies that a service delivery vehicle is a delivery vehicle providing authorized services to the installation/personnel residing on the installation. A service delivery vehicle is authorized unescorted entry after operator personnel have been verified to have a valid need for entry, their identity has been verified, and they have received a favorable background check through our Visitor Control Center (VCC). Examples of service delivery vehicles include, but are not limited to, food delivery vehicles, taxis, telephone providers, and cable providers. Service delivery vehicle operators must apply for base access via our Security Forces Squadron. Once the operator has been vetted and cleared, entry is granted by the Mission Support Group commander.
In AFMAN 31-113, transportation network drivers are not specifically referenced. The IDP restricts Uber drivers; however, the plan is being modified to treat Uber drivers just like any other service delivery provider. If Mr. Yxxxxxkas would like to submit a request to operate on JB CHS, he can contact Mr. Robert Trout at 843-963-3623 for assistance.
We trust this information is helpful.
Sincerely, LANCE E. SCHMIDT, Colonel USAF Chief, Congressional Inquiry and Travel Division Office of Legislative Liaison
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