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Haven't you been home the last 13 months? Why would you allow your son to hibernate in his room the entire time? That can't be good for a child's mental state
YOU THINK?!? Don't have kids, aye; that would explain a lot. Perhaps SAH skipped your little town or you have forgotten. Where exactly could we go with a kid? Noodle that for a while, get back to us.

So he entertained himself. His computer rig is in his lair. School in his lair. Goes out occasionally to take the puppy for a walk. Otherwise, is quite happy to be in his lair. Unlike some kids, he doesn't complain. Doesn't say he's lonely or misses anybody.

All our vacations last 13 months were canceled; no kids at the parks etc. Pretty certain there were no options.

Come July we have a lake house few day vacation and Thanksgiving one of the canceled vacations (Hawaii).

and assuming people don't become stupid again, school should start in person, full time in August. Where hopefully he will relearn how to be around his peers again and hopefully the lost year of education doesn't impact too much. We shall see.

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At least $1,400 a month on top of what we make.
Why? UI was never a permanent thing. Pre-Covid once you landed on UI, you needed to be looking for a job and be able to prove it. That is coming back, soon. Already Calif EDD has been hinting at it. Many in Calif were on versions of UI/PAU for over a year. Why should there be more?

Go back to driving, or get a W2 position. You've had plenty of time to noodle an alternative to sitting on the couch, right?

UBI is never going to happen, sorry驴
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but he never said who was going to pay for it.
Come ON comrade.
Where you been??

It's Somebody Else.
It's the Other Guy.
It's the Rich Guy.
In reality; it's the Next Generation.

Don't you know anything?
I thought I sent you a copy of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book.
Read it again.


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Theres a vaccine for mass hysteria?

Looking for investment opportunities.

Currently, for ME it is


Pendleton is sooo smooth, and the Gorilla Cookies is a great compliment.

It is my hysteria prevention routine.

And, the wonderful thing about it is that it is a vaccine that needs to be boosted every day.

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Wow, see? Biden wants to do 2000 a month stimulus until December or until the pandemic is over! Keep the cheese coming. See, I've been right every time so far when I said they're gonna keep extending.

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Yes on the first part, that the republicans are now taking credit for it..... 400K? I don't get it!
fake news big lou. they throw a spin on the words to trick people - it's no-one over $200k is getting higher taxes...supposedly at that. capital gains go up for everyone regardless.
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