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Watching Mileage & Disputing Previous Adjusted Fares

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I'm just a little curious to know how many Uber Drivers especially UberEat Drivers actually log their pick up, drop off and/or delivery off destinations?

After noticing several inconsistencies I decided to log my mileage for each trip. I've learned using the Uber app it appears that the fare compensation is just. Yet logging in using a desk or laptop it shows otherwise and most likely drivers are being shorted for their actual trips.

Real Situation: Per Uber App GPS my actual trip took 7.8 miles but I got lost and drove an additional 3 miles for a total of 10.8 miles. The Uber app showed I actually driven those 10.8 miles and fare compensation. I happened to log into the Uber app via laptop and noticed that my fare compensation was for 4.3 miles versus the 7.8 miles for the actual trip.

I am aware that Uber bases fare compensation using the shortest distance per Googles Maps regardless if it's restricted accesses, residents only entrance etc. Uber will still short it's drivers. I've been shorted fare compensation when it was just one way provided using Google Maps.
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