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Watch how soil erosion can swallow up your road during floods

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Video no longer available. Such is life when embedding third party content.
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I ended up in Campbelltown on Saturday night and got a few fares from a racetrack out there.
One led me to a place called Razorback, 2am,where its was flogging down rain and no street lights.
I drove for about 20 min with hi-beams on and literally didn't come cross anything (except rabbits) to dip them the whole time.
Very friggin remote!
Lovely couple though who invited me over for a bbq any Friday evening that im in the area.
I guess they know I would never be in the area.. :(
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Very hard - plus the anxiety of wildlife potentially playing "peek-a-boo" with my car.
They were telling me to watch for roos and wombats :confused:
What's worse to hit, a normal size roo or an obese wombat?

(In terms of impact on your vehicle...)
I think impact is the same; difference being where the impact takes place.
Wombat being low-end damage whereas the roo could potentially take away the front end of your car, dependant on speed.
You would have to be pretty unlucky for it to be that extreme.
Usually people trying to swerve away from them, then veer into embankments and trees etc causing the life threatening damage.
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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