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My conversation about Uber to family and friends has changed over time. When rates were around 1.50 I told them they could get half off. Then it was 67% off. When it became 75% off, and now up to like 95% off, I tell them to avoid UberX for safety reasons. It used to be a good deal for pax, then it was great, then amazing, now it's just dangerous in my opinion.

I tell friends and family that overall the drivers are decent, but all it takes is one occasional driver for safety to be at risk... a bad driver, crazy, desperate for money, desperate for attention. I tell them about each type of driver...

- some drivers just worked a 40 hour week and want to work another 40 hours doing Uber because they need to pay the rent or mortgage; otherwise they get evicted.

- some drivers can't handle unfamiliar roads, conversation with a stranger, fears of making a mistake, looking at their phones, listening to and following GPS. Telephone poles and oncoming traffic are just inches away.

- some drivers are desperate to talk and/or they're crazy. I tell my family and friends that these crazy drivers know where you live, work, your name, possible your phone number from VM, info from phone converstations, etc.

I've been telling family and friends about this for a few months. Now I'm also telling passengers about this. With pax, I would rather not tell them but when they ask me about UberX, I just can't seem to avoid telling them info that relates to the safety of them and their families. The pax usually respond well to the info ...
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