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I received a notification from Uber that a passenger stated that they felt that I was driving under the influence and that my account had been waitlisted. I responded back to Uber and that waitlist was removed. I NEVER have driven under the influence of anything and had not had any issues, close calls or blown lights or anything ever while driving. Is it as easy as a passenger saying that a driver is unsafe and that's it. Waitlist or deactivation for the driver? I am honestly quite upset by this. 4.94 rating. Accept all rides even sorry ass pool rides.

My only thought could be is that I did have some long as rides this past week. North side to Gurnee, DT to Evanston, Hammond to Mag Mile, and maybe somebody is trying to get out of a fare. Is this common? Has anybody else had any issues like this?
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Happens all the time. Dash cam. Also don't get butt hurt over your near perfect rating and acceptance, Uber doesn't give a rats ass. To them your just a money sign. They have it there so you can feel proud of yourself it's all a mind fukkk
I was just thinking I need to get a dash cam. It just really pissed me off because I KNOW i wasn't under the influence of anything it's a big personal thing for me as I have lost two family members to drunk driving. So for a passenger to accuse me of that pisses me off.

This is a sad reality on both these platforms and yes, it does happen (how often I can't say). I'm glad it was resolved and you are driving again. You will see repeatedly on this forum that there are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk and buffer the damage but you can't eliminate the problem.
1. If you need the income, drive for multiple platforms so you have a backup if you are temporarily (or permanently) removed from one.
2. Do not be afraid to avoid a ride if something appears off on pick up. If a rider is arrogant before or during pick-up, they are more likely to be a problem.
3. While I am not necessarily a proponent of avoiding all pool rides, be extra cautious with them as they are more susceptible to problems. It's a cheaper platform and sometimes a higher stress environment. A danger when we run the risk of riders making things up want to try and get a free ride.
4. Many have dash cams to provide evidence to defend yourself if needed. Although I can't say for sure if Uber or Lyft would consider viewing the dashcam as evidence.
Thanks for the tips. I will be more selective in the future of which rides I will be accepting.
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when a pax makes a poor rating, they are given a menu of excuses and I think that excuse is on the menu. I see these excuses more often now, professionalism, safty, and others.
I agree--the funny thing is I didn't get a low rating. At least it's not showing in the app. I have all 4's and 5's. I would think if they felt I was under the influence they would've gave me a 2 or a 1.
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