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I received a notification from Uber that a passenger stated that they felt that I was driving under the influence and that my account had been waitlisted. I responded back to Uber and that waitlist was removed. I NEVER have driven under the influence of anything and had not had any issues, close calls or blown lights or anything ever while driving. Is it as easy as a passenger saying that a driver is unsafe and that's it. Waitlist or deactivation for the driver? I am honestly quite upset by this. 4.94 rating. Accept all rides even sorry ass pool rides.

My only thought could be is that I did have some long as rides this past week. North side to Gurnee, DT to Evanston, Hammond to Mag Mile, and maybe somebody is trying to get out of a fare. Is this common? Has anybody else had any issues like this?
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I agree--the funny thing is I didn't get a low rating. At least it's not showing in the app. I have all 4's and 5's. I would think if they felt I was under the influence they would've gave me a 2 or a 1.
Maybe they thought you did a great job at driving under the influence.
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