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Do you wait longer than required?
I cut my losses EVERY time. If a pax cannot show up for pool in 2 minutes, I cancel, even if I see them walking towards me. If the disrepect my time, I show the same courtesy, and give them the one finger wave as I drive away.
With non-pool, same,unless I know it is a good long ride worth the money.
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Maybe stop driving pool. Soon as one of these scrubs snaps a pic or a video of you flipping em the "one finger wave".....you're done.
You are too afraid of da man
Lol....after 4, almost 5 years of dealing with "da man"....I know who he is.....there's nothing to fear....except stupidity. Do stupid tricks, win stupid prizes.
familiarity breeds contempt
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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