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Took first ride as a passenger 3/4/17, Saturday 10:00a.m. Picked me up in the East Mountains. Took me to Lomas and Wyoming. Picked his brain of course. Says it was kind of slow, I was his 3rd fare of the day. But, said he made about $100 the day before.

He loves driving for Uber, but some times the customers can be a pain. "The other day a customer gave me one star because I took a personal call on my other line". He was a little upset the because he even used his hands free device.

Got to my location and gave him a $5 tip on a $22.70 fare.

First ride is supposed to be free? I wasn't happy about that, so I contacted customer support.

There was no place to enter a "promo code". At least none that I could see. In my text message, I said "how am I supposed to know where to put the promo code, I've never used Uber before"?

The promo was direct from the Uber site. It read get your first ride free . . . up to $22.

Pleasantly surprised, because they promptly refunded $22.
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