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Ever get dinged and not know who, or why? I usually know who, and why. I often know before they exit the car, so I can ding 'em back, and write up their bad behavior.

Last couple of days, pleasant pax. Nice conversations, or blissfully quit. No issues, no problems. Sure, one reeked of cigarette smoke, and another one sprayed something chemically smelling in their hair while in my backseat. Pretty much everything went like clockwork, otherwise. No puke, no fights, everyone kept their clothes on. Practically Ubertopia!

And one of these dooosh yachts dinged me. I have no idea why.
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Oh my fav are the scumbags with names I can't pronounce whining to me their Lyft coupon code doesn't work and I need to fix it. Of course I can't so I know what's coming......so I one star em back and report them for abuse.
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I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!! Both I guess... I have been lucky so far, over 300 rides combined on Lyft and Uber, and not one really "bad" passenger, other than annoying drunk girl headed to Ft Worth with loud aux cable music and didn't shut up. But after hearing some of these stories, I feel like that was prob just one of those things!!

PS - yes, I taught both my daughters driver's ed, and the animal takes the hit. Or a box on the freeway or something, unless you are 110% positive there is NO ONE around you. Don't swerve! (I still wouldnt downgrade a driver for this, because it's natural instinct...) Anyway, we should make up our own list on how to get more money from passengers! 1. Take pics of fake vomit and claim they came from 'da club and was feelin' woozy, and they scarfed down 3 Whataburger orders in 5 minutes (see the bag picture?) I want mah cleanin' fee! 2) Loop around the block a few times, and claim the driver was telling you where to go...
300 rides? Your Uber cherry aint even popped and bleeding down your leg yet. Wait til you have 5000 rides gone by......you will learn a whole new level of hate for people.
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