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Ever get dinged and not know who, or why? I usually know who, and why. I often know before they exit the car, so I can ding 'em back, and write up their bad behavior.

Last couple of days, pleasant pax. Nice conversations, or blissfully quit. No issues, no problems. Sure, one reeked of cigarette smoke, and another one sprayed something chemically smelling in their hair while in my backseat. Pretty much everything went like clockwork, otherwise. No puke, no fights, everyone kept their clothes on. Practically Ubertopia!

And one of these dooosh yachts dinged me. I have no idea why.
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Had a "safety" issue pop up over the weekend. Only think I can think of is when I swerved to miss a squirrel. Pax said, you should have just hit it.
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Good friend of mine does commercial insurance on truckers. He told me one of the most dangerous things a driver can do is swerve to avoid an animal
I stand corrected.
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