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Ever get dinged and not know who, or why? I usually know who, and why. I often know before they exit the car, so I can ding 'em back, and write up their bad behavior.

Last couple of days, pleasant pax. Nice conversations, or blissfully quit. No issues, no problems. Sure, one reeked of cigarette smoke, and another one sprayed something chemically smelling in their hair while in my backseat. Pretty much everything went like clockwork, otherwise. No puke, no fights, everyone kept their clothes on. Practically Ubertopia!

And one of these dooosh yachts dinged me. I have no idea why.
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Probably trying to get a free ride I've seen on fb a flyer that listed the ways I will try to find it

Here is what I saw posted
Thank you! That makes sense, although I suspect this is the kind of rip-off game that won't last long, because Uber will punk 'em, eventually. Now that I think of it, I did make several pick ups and drop offs in south Dallas in the last few days...
Good friend of mine does commercial insurance on truckers. He told me one of the most dangerous things a driver can do is swerve to avoid an animal, unless it's a horse or cow, and you're in a low slung convertible.

He told me about people swerving to avoid a small doe on a highway at night, and hitting a much larger buck in the other lane, just a few more feet down the road. Didn't see deer number two that came though the windshield.

Another anecdote was some client's daughter away at college. She swerved to avoid a dog, hit a jogger instead. She spent time in jail for that. Color me a jerk, but if it's me, the animal is going to squish. I'm not going to prison because a dog is playing chicken with traffic.

When I was in college, I saw two cars collide head on, because both tried to avoid hitting this one squirrel. The squirrel lived. Their cars...well...smashed up bad, even at 20 MPH.
It was around 4,000 trips where I started to struggle internally with the attitude (or Dallitude) of bad pax. I'm about double that now. Beer and whiskey are my saviors.
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