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Wait til you see the new unemployment guidlines :)

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1.Did the city you currently live in restrict you from driveing rideshare? Now if you caught Corona its a sure shot just submit the doctors note...

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I’ve heard the total in some states is based on post tax revenue (meaning if you show no income at the end of the year, you will get $0)
Hopefully you are right. But the state hasn’t really made it clear how ICs (not just rideshare drivers) apply. Don’t blow it, or mess up and you get money and then they make you pay it back and get banned from filing ever again. I would wait.
Unemployments view is that "Any income" is more viable then none.Listen I hope you do succeed.I hope everybody does.I just see that their guidlines are going to favor strippers more then rideshare drivers.At least their clubs shut down.Your app hasnt.

Im just relaying what I read about the new Labor guidlines.Im not a lawyer or claims rep. Im sure alot of RS drivers will use their various law degrees to argue and hofally they do prevail lol
OMG that's actually the most sensible thing you've said in a long time. Agree with you 100%
Unlike a stripper where all strip clubs are shut down everywhere

that’s sad that strippers have a better chance of getting anything from this and much faster than us rideshare drivers too but it’s true
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Being able to work, and having that work be sustainable are different.

Is the work sustainable? It isn't. My last week was far under the minimum wage.

Governor stopped the work search order. I'm not required to look for work outside my normal operation. I am covered until these state orders are lifted.

I am covered under the direct example used to represent the law, by the people who wrote that law.
while I agree with you, the state clearly doesn't say how to apply as an IC yet. This is something totally new. We might have to wait still until they get things figured out. My guess is they will provide a separate link for ICs to apply. Don't jump the gun yet.
The way you view the law doesnt seem to be the way the dept of labor is interpreting the law or the states from the article I posted.I hope you are correct but I would not count on it.
exactly we have to WAIT for the state

Everyone is so impatient on this. Why rush things when we aren't 100% sure how to proceed with filing as an IC?

Just because someone tries it and "it works" doesn't mean it's ok or you did it the right way. It might come back to bite you in the ass
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I did read it. It's not 100% clear step by step. Very general. It's not ready. That's why no full time drivers have gotten anything.

Show me a full time driver who's only source of working income for 2019 was Uber/Lyft who has received anything

It will be crickets

No one has come forward yet claiming that for a reason

Only people who had regular jobs too in 2019 not just doing rideshare the entire year

You people who had a regular job for part of 2019 don't count and aren't really helping give anyone hope

your circumstances are different but thanks anyway

Read the actual expanded guidence instead of preaching from a news article, my dude.
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You do realize a lot of strip properties are taking reservations for May, right?

not looking good for your side of the argument. It's very much a slippery slope. Nothing about it is cut and dried easy peazy

looks like the state gives us unemployment until the strip opens back up. after that looks like no go
That's the thing. What qualifies as when work is viable again as a rideshare driver in Las Vegas? There is no definitive answer. The arguments are good, but it's not guaranteed. There are still people taking rides and or deliveries now. It hasn't dried up completely. Different than a stripper for example who has no work opportunity.

Unfortunately YOU don't get to decide what qualifies as it being viable or not to drive again, the state does. If the strip opens back up in May, you may lose your precious unemployment.
All I’m saying is, don’t count on it lasting a long time. It’s not like we work for a casino or a strip club. We will be up and running quicker and lose our access to unemployment faster than them
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Because Forrest you are acting like a entitled person from California.
yea dude no offense (Forrest). Hard to be on your side when you are obviously wrong. Are you a lawyer who moonlights as an Uber driver? (Forrest, not you Uber20hr)

No we get unemployment until sustainable again. What kind of intitle crap is that
when do you think that will be? Several casinos on the strip are planning on reopening in May

Forrest has been drinking too much of some kind of kool aid. He's in for a rude awakening when reality sets in and he has to drive again in May
Forrest needs to RUN

It's nice taking a little break from driving but I'm not expecting it to last very long before everything opens back up. Planning on driving back full time in May until I can find something else part time to supplement it and get away from depending full time on rideshare

Depending on it full time is a recipe for disaster.

regular workers are getting unemployment and we still aren't getting anything yet
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Just remember that guys when you go back driving. When the second wave of this virus hits, will Uber be able to help us? Did they pay us for weeks like the Casinos have for their workers? Extend our benefits?

Remember to thank Dara for everything he will have done for us during this time, from Ubers owns pocket

Oh wait, by then they will not have done shit for us, right?

Or did we get unemployment benefits right away? Did we? I have some friends that are getting paid for their 3rd week very soon. Have any of you gotten a single penny from UI or from Uber without having to do any rides or deliveries in the last 3 weeks?
I’m sure I will see all (or most) of you back on the road sometime in May when things open back up and we no longer get or qualify for UI anymore
Honestly for you it was just bad timing. You might be screwed on this.
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