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Probably better to post in the SA forum to get relevant answers. If it's anything like Dallas, I'd say the odds on grossing $1,000 in 40 hours are extremely low. Seattle has much higher rates than anywhere in Texas.
This. At $0.60/mile and $0.12/minute, you really need to be chasing the surge an what not to gross $1000 in 40 hours. At least if you only do X. Not saying it couldn't be done, but better to check the SA forum, for sure. Not sure about their market.

Then again, there's this one guy in Dallas who says he, and others, can do $600/day, every day, no biggie. :whistling: :biggrin:

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You'd have to gross $25/hour on average to get $1000 in 40 hours

I just went over my numbers since I started in January. I'm averaging $18.73/hr. The BEST week I ever had, I averaged $23.57/hr. And that was with good quests and surge.

I'm sure there are those who average more per hour than I. But if San Antonio is anything like Dallas and you're only driving UberX, I wouldn't count on $1,000/wk.

Then again, the lower cost of living means you don't have to earn the same amount as you do in Seattle.
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