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Visiting Pittsburgh in June

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What's up Pittsburgh drivers?

I'll be attending training for my day job near Pittsburgh in June for a few weeks and need some ideas for things to do on the weekends in town. I figure nobody knows the city than those who "work the streets". Tell me where to go, what I must see and can't miss, and what I can skip.

Thanks all!
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The Arts Festival is running June 1-10 if that's when you will be here; of course, Pirates game at the ballpark...the ballpark is one of the best in the country, even if the team that plays in it is not; the section of town known as southside is filled with pubs and decent restaurants; the strip district on a weekend is fun, lots of shops and food. At night, there are clubs and such but its a nice and fairly calm place to spend a weekend day. Give us an idea what your interests are (music, food, sports, museums, etc) and we can give you a better list.
All of this sounds great. I was thinking about a ballgame, I'm limited to weekends, but I see at least one home game while I'm there. I like music, food and drinking, but I'm 37, so no clubs...I'm more a bourbon and low lights type.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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