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If you look at the charts Uber discloses of insurance coverage, they are only actually saying they provide coverage for liability. I don't believe say they provide coverage for collision that covers damage to the driver's car. Unfortunately, there seems to still be a huge gap in insurance for the drivers, which will likely result in the drivers being out of luck with no insurance coverage for damage to their own cars if they get into an accident while driving for Uber.

This is a huge problem and would be solved if a drivers are willing to get the rideshare insurance offered in their states. As anyone who has received a quote from these companies knows, this insurance is more expensive than our personal insurance and the decrease in Uber rates makes it more difficult to cover these costs.

The insurance issues are still a problem for drivers and no one seems to care, including politicians. All they care about is that the consumer is protected. Anyone driving rideshare today without rideshare insurance is doing so at the risk of having to pay for damage to their cars out of their own pocket and being dropped by their insurance companies... This is something that bothers me everyday but I can't justify getting the rideshare insurance as I only drive part-time.

I would love to hear from anyone who actually was able to collect from Raiser/Uber for damage to their cars that occurred while driving for Uber.
and you may also get sued by your passenger(s) .. this uberX driver appears to be looking at a lawsuit against him by his passenger, who was in the car when they got nailed
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