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VIDEO: Drunk Pax refuses to get out of an Uber

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This isn't me - I found it online. The guy was deactivated by Uber, and is complaining about how unfair they are...

There's two sides here, obviously - but the way that this driver went from 0-nuclear really didn't help the situation. Additionally, I NEVER leave my doors unlocked or stay in the same location after I've already canceled on someone.

Still, an amusing watch...

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A couple things stuck out for me...

First, the driver set the tone for his attitude when a car honked at him for being parked illegally and he muttered "F you" to himself.

The women had requested an uber a block or 2 away. The driver admitted he wasn't where the pin was, because "too many cars back there." even if they were watching his location in the app, how do they know he didn't accidently pass them? Also, maybe they weren't notified. I have had pax whose app says I'm 3 minutes away, while they are sitting in my car. Did he call or text them? While the woman definitely had a bad attitude, this driver absolutely deserved to be deactivated. He had no customer service skills, and gave all drivers a bad name with the way he treated them...even if he felt in the right, the way he spoke to them was deplorable and the consequence of being deactivated is his own fault.
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