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As I have reported over the past 2 years, Veyo has a history of delaying payments to drivers. On Monday, 06/11/18, Veyo initiated a statement to IC's that they were undergoing a banking system change, and that 'there may be a potential delay in payment', and that they would issue a subsequent communique the following Thursday. This message did NOT include notification of prior weeks accrued earnings.

This is the forth payment delay in two years, with the difference here that no claim was made as to when final payment would be made. As a small business owner, this screw-up is completely unacceptable. No forewarning was given so that I could make adjustments to my cash flow in order to avoid running out of money during this transition. No one is getting rich at this gig, so cash flow is ALWAYS critical.

Please post your thoughts and share any info you may have heard through the grapevine.
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