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Anybody have any experience using UberPool at the SAN Monster Airport?

How do you deal with luggage?

Passengers going to the same hotel?

Is it worth it?

How about the 2.0 surge now allowed at SAN.

UberPool seems beyond dirt cheap for passengers.

Please share SAN experiences good/bad

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I used to Completely ignore SAN POOP. But now I accept and collect the EASY 2 min cancel fee Everytime... Have NEVER loaded POOP in my car yet from SAN.

That is my F- You to Uber for trying to smear this stinky POOP all over us!!

I ENCOURAGE you all to do the same.
That will put a STOP to it.
Pool at SAN is my worst situation, if I skip them, then I get put to the back of the line. If you cancel no show, then you get put to the back of the line. I know you get 2 skips only, I believe same with driver cancels. My last pool jammed his luggage in with another pool and dislodged a fuse box on top of my interior trunk. Pissed me off after I detected it. 1 bag maximum now on unless it's going beyond 10 miles. Second pool will have to cancel upon arrival if they have more than 1 bag. My self imposed luggage policy now on after the NY pool cheapskates jacked my trunk and my rating with no tip of course.
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