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UT vs Owho

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This is going to be interesting.
Can the Longhorns punt without giving the other team points?
Can the offensive line block someone?
Can our cornerbacks cover anyone?

I cannot be too optimistic about this week, I hope that team from north of the Red River comes in with their heads all swollen up and overconfident so we have a chance of surprising them.

Texas 17
That other team who still sucks 55
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Obviously UT can't score points ... but as one (evil/genius) pax suggested ... maybe all TX Uber drivers should rate OU fans with just 1* ... giving UT a virtual win when OU can't find an Uber ...
Since the game is in Dallas, Austin drivers will have a hard time doing that. I already rate all Aggies as a 1☆.
[Not really, I feel bad for them and give them 2☆] lol
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I don't see many sooners here. With the exception of a friend and classmate of mine whose 2 sons are traitorous texans playing for the evil stoops.
Bigger rivalry. I'm cautiously optimistic that the Longhorns will come out ready to play this week.
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T minus 20 hours and counting until I blast off for big D.
I was shocked and amazed by that performance. My second time to be at the Red River Rivalry, and the second time the Longhorns have pulled off the amazing upset.
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