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UT vs Owho

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This is going to be interesting.
Can the Longhorns punt without giving the other team points?
Can the offensive line block someone?
Can our cornerbacks cover anyone?

I cannot be too optimistic about this week, I hope that team from north of the Red River comes in with their heads all swollen up and overconfident so we have a chance of surprising them.

Texas 17
That other team who still sucks 55
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Obviously UT can't score points ... but as one (evil/genius) pax suggested ... maybe all TX Uber drivers should rate OU fans with just 1* ... giving UT a virtual win when OU can't find an Uber ...
Austin drivers will have a hard time doing that. I already rate all Aggies as a 1☆.
I was talking about ATX drivers rating Sooners in ATX ... but hey, drive on up to Dallas and give some rides ... considering all the Dallas drivers that came down here for ACL ... turnaround is fair play
Wow nice dominate win. UT should have been playing like that all year
Problem before was Heard was mainly throwing the ball ... and today most of the yards were rushing. Keep it on the ground Heard
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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