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USAA Rideshare Endorsement (Spoiler: It SUCKS!)

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If you have USAA and their "rideshare endorsement" and think you're covered, think again.

Unlike with Geico "Hybrid" or State Farm rideshare, none of your USAA coverage applies to period 2 (picking up a passenger) or period 3 (driving with a passenger).

That means if you get in an accident while Ubering you have NO TOWING. No, your USAA Roadside service will not tow you if you're in an accident while driving for Uber (I know I tried). It also means no MEDICAL coverage and no RENTAL CAR coverage. Uber doesn't provide towing, medical, or rental either. If your car takes a month to fix then you're just out of luck.

Geico ("Hybrid"), State Farm (ride share), and perhaps others would arrange a tow for you, get you a rental, and cover any medical expenses if you had that coverage. USAA doesn't... I really hope they fix that because they're otherwise a great company.

In my case, a Geico "Hybrid" Commercial policy cost just a few dollars more that USAA for a lot more coverage. I urge everyone to share their opinions... being in a wreck is awful, but being in a wreck while driving for Uber with USAA is even worse.

By the way... "Hybrid" in this case refers to the type of insurance policy, a "hybrid" between personal and commercial. It has nothing to do with hybrid vehicles like Prius.
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hoping I never have to use it, but for $18 /mo at least I know my policy won't be cancelled for driving rideshare.
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I love USAA, and I hope they expand coverages into period 2 and 3. They don't have to cover comp and collision because Uber does provide that, but coverages like towing, medical, car rental, etc. would really be great and can't really be that expensive. That's how State farm does it.
Please, just ****ing move over to State Farm. I've been with USAA for more than 30 years, and I've never had a problem with them. If it doesn't work for you, just move to someone that you like. How many damn anti USAA threads are you going to post?
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