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Uptick In Bad Addresses

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This is not too strange, but I've had numerous situations lately where the address is just barely off from where the passengers actually are. It is almost always a bad situation too.

For example, I'm sitting and waiting at the address and a lady jumps in I get ready to go and she says to wait for her boyfriend. Hear he comes with two bags of trash he wants to load in the car to dump somewhere. Crazy!

I've had situations where the sober friend comes from out of nowhere and asks to wait on their drunk friend and they try to hold the car for them too.

My new plan is that if they aren't waiting, slip away from the address and wait for them to to show themselves. Then, do things to stall and trip them up. I figure an honest rider is going to understand if they gave you a wrong address.
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1. Sorry man but I am not letting you put that trash in my car
2. Sorry friends, but friends don't let drunk friends ride alone

Windows cracked and doors locked until you establish:

1. How many people are going along for the ride
2. If they have trash or are trying to move an entire apartment
3. Friends or bouncer trying to dump drunk idiot on you
4. Open containers
5. Underage kids

No need to stall if they cannot enter your vehicle. In these instances, I usually blurt out a sentence explaining the situation and ending with ride is not happening. Then I pull pull around the corner and wait the 5 minutes to collect the cancel fee. Of course, I prefer them to cancel.

Also, once I get to the pin, I do not contact the rider. We are adults here and they need to understand I am where the pin is. If the pin is off, they should be notifying me before I arrive not when I pull up. Apartments, I wait at the the pin (usually at the leasing office). If I don't have the gate code and apartment number prior to arriving, you have 5 minutes to get to the leasing office.
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