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Upfront tip option is desperately needed.

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Who the hell want to give this paxhole a ride?
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Additional $30 will get him there.
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That's assuming "world news" does not lie. People automatically believe everything bad happening in China "because it's China", that's already very dangerous. For example, do you instantly believe all the accusations MSM reported against the party / the candidates you support? No, you will think twice or call it fake news. But when it comes to China, everything negative must be true, regardless how ridiculous or against common sense it is, from concentration camps to slave labor solar panels or cotton in XJ.

My uncle runs a lab for nearly two decades and they use a lot of exchange PHD scholars from China, fewer and fewer seeks to stay after their exchange period, that says a lot about how much US is "a much better place". I'd say you make more money in the US, cars and gadgets are cheaper, houses are bigger, but China definitely has better food, infrastructure, transportation and security. You don't get your car window smashed, wheels stolen, shot, robbed, kidnapped in most decent countries other than the US, seeing a specialist is also much easier in China, even with a good HMO it still takes a ****ing month or two to see a specialist.
I used to travel a lot. If you are middle class or above, then life in the majority of countries is just as good as in the USA. Everywhere has it pros and cons. It does suck to be poor in some countries more than the US, but there are also countries where being poor is less miserable than the US.
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US is far from a perfect place but better than communist China.
A big mouth like myself will not survive there.
In this forum, I think I have been banned more than anyone else.

As for healthcare in this country, it's a f-ing joke.
The US has one of the largest jail/prison populations in the world. You’re usually going to be fine speaking your mind in China and Asia in general unless you are a threat to powerful people. However, you can still get ****ed over if you’re a threat to those in power in the US.
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185 people willing to take paxholes for $.32 a mile or less. lol. Pig Pen is packed no parking. Everyone seems to think that people will be flying into Los Angeles today. Lol armatures.
I’m just starting to get comfortable with almost never chilling at the airport with the Lux only grind. I can understand why people in higher tiers do it though, since getting trips involves waiting and the airport can become a comfortable/familiar place to wait.

It’s never made sense to chill at the airport for Uber X drivers though when you can leave and get a ping within a minute or 2 max the majority of the day.
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We drivers need to move there. Where is it?
In many of the more socialist/Scandinavian countries, losing your job or something is less terrible because they have stronger social safety nets and welfare systems than we do.

In some of the poorer countries that don’t have safety nets, being poor can be less miserable simply because it doesn’t take a lot of money to survive. Your family may own the house or you have very low rent and the general cost of living is low. You’re not going to have a ton of first world amenities, but if you just want to live a simple life, it’s not miserable.

The truly miserable places are where you are dealing with starvation, homelessness or excess violence.
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That's then. Now is a different story.
King dollar is making everything more expensive these days in poorer countries. Siri Lanka for example.
But I do get your point. 👍
Well it’s been 6 years or so since I was globe trotting, so things may be different in a lot of areas…but America is generally more of a “rat race” life if you are not middle-upper class or above. The lower class to middle-class are contending with a relatively high cost of living compared to people in the same classes living in many of the poorer countries. Our high GDP should lead to security and prosperity, but we lack the social safety nets that people living in other first-world countries have.

I’ll let the thread go back on topic tho 😅 .
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Rat race is at every bigger cities. Competition for survival is the name of the game for most.

Thou I live in LA now, I'm preparing myself to leave the rat race.
Yeah it can be less of a rat race if you live in the country areas…but I’ve been to a lot of places where there’s not that rat race vibe even though you’re still in a decently populated area.

We shouldn’t have to live in some “middle of nowhere” town in Idaho or Alabama to relax 😅
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Uber has been experimenting with upfront tip, it's called Priority Pickup, passanger pays extra and it goes to the driver. You should see it on some trips here and there. But it will be rolled out to everyone in the future.
Yeah, I was going to mention priority pickup, but it’s’ not fully like a tip since the passenger can’t set the amount.
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I have seen so called videos of Chinese eating life rats, except the people in the video clearly speaks Vietnamese. Most westerners can't tell Asians apart, slap Chinese on anything and no one will be the wiser.

Life octopus and dog eating videos are pretty much 100% Koreans (also please don't try it, it's very dangerous eating life octopus and many die to it every year). Dog meat is one of the major proteins in Korean and they even have a dog eating festival, obviously less people are doing it right now in the modern days.

I have seen many bat soup videos, some legitly from China some not. But I can assure you it's extremely uncommon in China and you won't find it in 99.99% of the restaurants you go. A lot of videos you found eating life animals were mostly from TikTok because poor streamers without any skills have to do dangerous crazy things to get attention, and a lot of them went with eating dangerous nasty shit as a challenge or stunt, because most Chinese are so against it.

If you don't believe me, just take some Chinese to a steak house, they are going to ask steak well done or medium well because they are scared to eat anything less than medium well because of the "blood" from the steak. Some are against eating sushi because they won't eat raw fish. Also almost no one will touch beef tartare, and that's the norm.

Whatever belief you currently have already showed the level of scary brainwashing in the US, which lead to people believing ludicrous ideas no matter how against logic it is, but then again you already have hundred millions of poor people defending the privilege of billionaires thinking they are going to become one self one day, class solidarity anyone?
Yeah, also, sometimes in Asia and South America…people who eat dog, cat, rats, etc. are kind of like people who eat possum, snakes, etc. over here. Essentially, those are things that people eat if they are more “woodsy” or into exotic/strange foods, but the vast majority of the population only eat regular meats unless they are just trying the exotic meat on a special occasion or because someone dared them.
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Lux line can take up to 6 hours from 40th Place sometimes. Especially when the front four cars keep jumping ahead of the line because of all the short El Segundo/ playa vista trips. There’s actually a strategy to airport trips that you can no longer take advantage of since there’s no bonuses anymore.
The problem with the airport is that it makes Lux drivers act irrationally.

1) “Sunk Cost Fallacy” thinking - Not wanting to lose your place in the queue will make it psychologically painful to leave even when better opportunities have emerged. You don’t want to feel like you sat in the queue for 3 hours for nothing, so you will stay there another 3 hours even if you may only get a trip worth $30 😅. Outside the airport, it’s easier for you to decide to move to a better opportunity.

2) Overvaluing airport trips - You might get a good long trip from the airport, but I get the majority of my highest paying trips outside the airport. I think that maybe because you will also get more short trip requests outside the airport, people start thinking that they won’t also get medium and long trip requests outside the airport.

Now I mostly go to the airport when I want a break 😂
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I actually got a rematch at the airport on lux, shit trip that took 30 minutes total for $30, two huge heavy suit cases with no tip, SMH.
😂 …. Yeah **** LA traffic. I got back not too long ago after an LAX drop off since I was ready to eat my lunch and get back to OC, I declined like 4 trips before putting it in destination mode (which I know is mostly useless with Lux, but I didn’t want to get spammed with short trips trying to keep me in LA).

LA will keep you more active than OC and you can make a similar amount of money in each, but in OC more of your income is coming from miles while in LA you got to earn that shit with slow, grueling minutes 😅
I don't think tipping in advance is a good idea. It would enable Uber to skim the tips and use that money to pay the drivers instead of using their money. Also, pax could use tip-baiting to sucker drivers into taking crappy rides.

Yeah, I don’t know if we want Uber to become like Uber Eats where the current fares become “tip included” fares that can get reduced by tip baiting.
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We have one of the biggest jail populations because we don't kill 99.999999999999% of the people incarcerated. In China or many other countries, no need to make room for a prison population when the person disappears forever.
I love how you created the killing 99.99% of incarcerated stat out of thin air and then proceeded as if it were some factual statement 😅
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Except there are only like 150 something (I didn't really count, figure it's somewhere between 100-200) death sentences actually carried out so far in China in 2022. Wiki has extremely detailed information on all the convicts, going from left to right we have execution date, city, method, name, sex, nationality, ethnicity, age, crime date, crime detail, verdict and court names, you just can't make this shit up.
From the looks of it, majority are coke dealers (China has zero tolerance on drug which US can really learn from) and some murderers that committed very gruesome crime (dismemberment, rape murder etc). Since 2022 is not over, let's be generous and multiple that number by 2, then times 30 years, that adds 9,000 to the jail population, still no where near US's number, just saying.

I think he believes that prisoners are secretly being murdered without any of their family or friends noticing it.
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Well, let us see how close I am.
2.1 people incarcerated in 2019.
22 people were executed in the USA in 2019

So we killed .00095% or 99.99905 continue to stay alive in prison or jail. Is that close enough for you or did my extended exaggeration of the extra 9s really think you had me?
No you were suggesting that our high incarceration rate was related to not killing enough people which suggests you think other countries are killing a ton of people for the same things that people in America are in prison for.
Sounds barbaric, but we need to level up the death sentences in this country.
For convicted 1st degree murderers that are obviously guilty? Maybe. Anybody else? Yeah, that’s barbaric.
I have no clue what the first part of your post is implying but the fact remains that my percentage was pretty much spot on regardless if you think it was off.
How is the US not killing 99.99% of it’s prison population relevant to us having the highest incarceration rate?
Also it's mostly poor people going to prison:

Poor people steal $100 from their boss, they go to prison.

Corporations steal millions from their employees, they get a slap on the wrist. Remember Grub hub used to steal tips? Uber/Lyft likely did the same.

****s like Elizabeth Holmes and SBF scammed billions, I bet they won't even serve more than 5 years and mostly because they stole from the wrong people.
Hard to pay attention to the classism if you distract them with culture wars and the scapegoating 😅

It’s been a huge problem in America from the beginning, it just manifests itself in different forms.
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Isn't it funny they call Russian billionaires evil Oligarchs, while worshipping American billionaires as innovators, entrepreneurs, philanthropist like heroes?

The wealth of Russian Oligarchs combined does not even hold a candle to the money hoarded by the US 0.1%, that just goes to show you the richest people in the US are at least a magnitude more evil than the "evil Russian Oligarchs", yet we believe everything they fed us through their MSM and you see MAGA boys making 40K gets mad when words of "taxing the rich" is heard:ROFLMAO:
Why do you think we have all these Ivy League rich kids spending time speaking like uneducated hillbillies and pretending that they are self made when they were trust fund babies? Gotta convince their literally poor supporters that they are more like them and that things would be better for everybody if we just get rid of or subjugate the hottest culture war target of the month.
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As much as I don't want to admit, judging by the results of 40 years into Reagan's trickle down economy, the way most people vote, who we have in office, the increasing wealth gap between the working class and the elite, the difficulty to unionize, staggering wage and rampant inflation; I have to say at this point most Americans are either stupid or bad, or both...
Anti-intellectualism is a mix of both. Stupidity motivated by hatred and personal gain.
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