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Upfront tip option is desperately needed.

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Who the hell want to give this paxhole a ride?
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Additional $30 will get him there.
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I've heard, in china, if your social ratings fall below certain level, you cannot take public transportations, airplanes n taxis.
Did some research on this, it's partially true, if you got on the black list, you won't be able to buy plane tickets or high speed train tickets, but you can still travel on slower public transportation such as trains and buses.

But judging from the list of things that you might lose the score on, you have to be a pretty big dbag to get on the list, something we can really use here for those Wall Street pricks and crypto scammers.

Also don't forget we all live in a society dominated by credit score, which decides whether you can get a loan, rent a place, buy a car or get a job or become homeless, seems much more cruel than what China has right now.
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True, but we are in a much better place than China.
I pay attention to world news.
That's assuming "world news" does not lie. People automatically believe everything bad happening in China "because it's China", that's already very dangerous. For example, do you instantly believe all the accusations MSM reported against the party / the candidates you support? No, you will think twice or call it fake news. But when it comes to China, everything negative must be true, regardless how ridiculous or against common sense it is, from concentration camps to slave labor solar panels or cotton in XJ.

My uncle runs a lab for nearly two decades and they use a lot of exchange PHD scholars from China, fewer and fewer seeks to stay after their exchange period, that says a lot about how much US is "a much better place". I'd say you make more money in the US, cars and gadgets are cheaper, houses are bigger, but China definitely has better food, infrastructure, transportation and security. You don't get your car window smashed, wheels stolen, shot, robbed, kidnapped in most decent countries other than the US, seeing a specialist is also much easier in China, even with a good HMO it still takes a ****ing month or two to see a specialist.
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US is far from a perfect place but better than communist China.
A big mouth like myself will not survive there.
In this forum, I think I have been banned more than anyone else.

As for healthcare in this country, it's a f-ing joke.
You really think they throw you in jail if you say something bad about CCP?
People do worse shit (making up fake earth quake, virus outbreak, other crisis etc to create public panic) in Wechat (Chinese Facebook), Weibo (Chinese Twitter), Zhihu (Chinese equivalent of Quora), Wangyi and Xiaohongshu, the worst they get is like 3 days if it actually incites public panic / creates chaos. Despite 4x the population, there are actually less people incarcerated in China than the US.

Also China is no where near communism, it's more like a hybrid of socialism and capitalisms. Its market mostly works like capitalism with workers getting exploited even more than the US (most companies are glorifying this bs 996 hustling culture), while many of the crucial industries (energy, banking, transportation etc) are government owned so they can actually collect tax to improve infrastructure.

in China, most of the food is still alive and kicking when they’re eating it. And some of the dishes I’ve seen still have the head and legs on them when they’re on the plate. Don’t get me started on the bats.
I have seen so called videos of Chinese eating life rats, except the people in the video clearly speaks Vietnamese. Most westerners can't tell Asians apart, slap Chinese on anything and no one will be the wiser.

Life octopus and dog eating videos are pretty much 100% Koreans (also please don't try it, it's very dangerous eating life octopus and many die to it every year). Dog meat is one of the major proteins in Korean and they even have a dog eating festival, obviously less people are doing it right now in the modern days.

I have seen many bat soup videos, some legitly from China some not. But I can assure you it's extremely uncommon in China and you won't find it in 99.99% of the restaurants you go. A lot of videos you found eating life animals were mostly from TikTok because poor streamers without any skills have to do dangerous crazy things to get attention, and a lot of them went with eating dangerous nasty shit as a challenge or stunt, because most Chinese are so against it.

If you don't believe me, just take some Chinese to a steak house, they are going to ask steak well done or medium well because they are scared to eat anything less than medium well because of the "blood" from the steak. Some are against eating sushi because they won't eat raw fish. Also almost no one will touch beef tartare, and that's the norm.

Whatever belief you currently have already showed the level of scary brainwashing in the US, which lead to people believing ludicrous ideas no matter how against logic it is, but then again you already have hundred millions of poor people defending the privilege of billionaires thinking they are going to become one self one day, class solidarity anyone?
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I actually got a rematch at the airport on lux, shit trip that took 30 minutes total for $30, two huge heavy suit cases with no tip, SMH.
Lmao. Eating dogs is illegal in Korea.
That's not true, although I'd say it's definitely uncommon now than it used to, back then people were poor so they didn't have much choice when it comes to meat.

Look, I am not judging and I am simply stating facts, and I believe you have every right to eat whatever you want (as long as it's not human) because of different culture, history back ground etc. There are also fishing villages in Japan hunt and eat dolphins, which most people detest, I won't do it nor support it but I try to understand people who do it for a living.

Americans and many westerns just like to judge others because of "moral high ground", arrogance and racism is what is really behind it. The truth is, what other people eat in their countries is none of your ****ing business nor you are better than anyone.
I remember eating dog soup when I was a little. My mom lied to me saying it's beef. Later when I found out, did not talk to my mom for about a month.

But, not gonna lie. It was really tasty.🤣
Like I said, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Back then Asian countries were piss poor, we ate whatever we could find for protein. If we had a ****ing choice in the first place, you think we wouldn't pick steak and chicken over those mysterious meat? Why do you think there is flank, tendon and tripe in Vietnamese pho? Because meat wasn't enough.

"Dog meat is majority of Korea's protein" is wrong n stupid to say.
Dog eating days are over, but I do believe the older generation still do time to time. It's something Koreans picked up during the korean war when they had nothing to eat. But it is illegal to do nowadays.

Stop talking about another country if you don't have much info about it.

Who would know better, you or me?
I said it in past tense, it was one of the sources of protein for Koreans, there were two breeds of dogs actually raised as meat dogs, and I said it's uncommon now, you need to read more carefully. If any of above comments are false, please feel free to correct me with concrete proof, I am very happy to learn new things that can change my opinion.

As regarding eating dog is illegal now, do you have source on that? Most results showing it's neither legal or illegal, it's just not common because you don't eat pets.

I know a lot more about Asian countries than most of you combined here, whether it's Korea, China or Japan. Would you like to hear stories about the atrocities Koreans committed in China during WWII? Yes, prior to WWII, Korea was under Imperial Japan's occupation and many Koreans actually joined the Imperial Japanese Army invading China, commiting worse crimes than the actual Japanese, and you didn't even get a slap on the wrist after the war.
The multiplier option is definitely better than tipping in advance. Tipping in advance would give Uber the opportunity to skim the tips and use the "proceeds" to reduce their payouts to the drivers.

Also, pax could engage in tip-baiting.
Having to worrying about things like this just goes to show what a ****ed up society we live in, there is such a lack of trust because few are left with integrity thanks to greed.
I just joined axle hire, I may start doing that instead of uber eats. Three of those a day would make me happy.
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How many deliveries is that for the estimated amount? From the looks of it it's only one long delivery?
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We have one of the biggest jail populations because we don't kill 99.999999999999% of the people incarcerated. In China or many other countries, no need to make room for a prison population when the person disappears forever.
Except there are only like 150 something (I didn't really count, figure it's somewhere between 100-200) death sentences actually carried out so far in China in 2022. Wiki has extremely detailed information on all the convicts, going from left to right we have execution date, city, method, name, sex, nationality, ethnicity, age, crime date, crime detail, verdict and court names, you just can't make this shit up.
From the looks of it, majority are coke dealers (China has zero tolerance on drug which US can really learn from) and some murderers that committed very gruesome crime (dismemberment, rape murder etc). Since 2022 is not over, let's be generous and multiple that number by 2, then times 30 years, that adds 9,000 to the jail population, still no where near US's number, just saying.

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We had 22 death sentences carried out in 2019. If you are going to be pro China, you better have pretty accurate numbers for the US.
You were saying US has more people incarcerated because of few death sentences, and I showed you that even if we count all the death sentences as incarcerated instead, the population in prison is still less.

And saying shit like China kills 99.9999999% of its incarcerated population just makes us look stupid.
Never heard of it. Can't trust anything coming out of brainwashed Chinese written history.
It's called the Japanese Korean Army, documented in many different sources:

Quote from a professor from Georgetown University:

"Korea was a Japanese colony during World War II. Many ethnic Koreans served in the Japanese army. Sandwiched between their ethnic Japanese superiors and an often hostile occupied population, many ethnic Korean soldiers were forced to be incredibly cruel. In one of Lee Kuan Yew's biography, this founding father of modern Singapore recalled how cruel the ethnic Koreans were among the Japanese soldiers. Koreans were not the only ones who had to serve the Japanese. Taiwan was a colony of Japan for an even longer period, and many Taiwanese (both ethnic Han Chinese and indigenous aborigines) joined the Japanese military. Famous ex-soldiers include Park Chung Hee, who would later lead the Republic of Korea."

I prefer to check multiple sources to verify my information, as far as history goes, nothing is more bs than North Korea and US written history, and they share striking similarities. North Koreans claimed they destroyed US/UN army in Korean War while US claimed they beat UK in the American Revolutionary War, vastly undermining their allies who did the most work.
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Also it's mostly poor people going to prison:

Poor people steal $100 from their boss, they go to prison.

Corporations steal millions from their employees, they get a slap on the wrist. Remember Grub hub used to steal tips? Uber/Lyft likely did the same.

****s like Elizabeth Holmes and SBF scammed billions, I bet they won't even serve more than 5 years and mostly because they stole from the wrong people.
Hard to pay attention to the classism if you distract them with culture wars and the scapegoating 😅

It’s been a huge problem in America from the beginning, it just manifests itself in different forms.
Isn't it funny they call Russian billionaires evil Oligarchs, while worshipping American billionaires as innovators, entrepreneurs, philanthropist like heroes?

The wealth of Russian Oligarchs combined does not even hold a candle to the money hoarded by the US 0.1%, that just goes to show you the richest people in the US are at least a magnitude more evil than the "evil Russian Oligarchs", yet we believe everything they fed us through their MSM and you see MAGA boys making 40K gets mad when words of "taxing the rich" is heard:ROFLMAO:
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Why do you think we have all these Ivy League rich kids spending time speaking like uneducated hillbillies and pretending that they are self made when they were trust fund babies? Gotta convince their literally poor supporters that they are more like them and that things would be better for everybody if we just get rid of or subjugate the hottest culture war target of the month.
As much as I don't want to admit, judging by the results of 40 years into Reagan's trickle down economy, the way most people vote, who we have in office, the increasing wealth gap between the working class and the elite, the difficulty to unionize, staggering wage and rampant inflation; I have to say at this point most Americans are either stupid or bad, or both...
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hoarded? What is great about this country is people can become extremely rich and built that way. Maybe you should learn the meaning of oligarch before comparing it to our billionaires.

Oligarch: a member or supporter of an oligarchy 2 in Russia and other countries that succeeded the Soviet Union : one of a class of individuals who through private acquisition of state assets amassed great wealth that is stored especially in foreign accounts and properties and who typically maintain close links to the highest government circles

Here is a definition without "Russia"
An oligarch is a businessperson who has undue influence on the political system in a country. They typically are a part of an oligarchy, which is a form of government ruled by a small group. Definition and Examples of an Oligarch An oligarch is usually part of a small ruling class, and has influence and control over government leaders.

"Pay their fair share!" A cry us "MAGA" people have heard for years. Here is the truth of those evil rich paying taxes compared to all others.
The Top 1 Percent Pays More in Taxes than the Bottom 90 Percent | Tax Foundation (CHART INCLUDED in LINK)
In 1980, the bottom 90 percent of taxpayers paid 50.72 percent of income taxes. In 2011 (the most recent year the data is available), the bottom 90 percent paid 31.74 percent of taxes. On the flip side, the top 1 percent paid 19.05 percent of taxes in 1980 and now pay 35.06 percent of taxes.

Maybe the reason why "MAGA" people making $40k get mad when they hear "tax the rich" is because they actually go with facts and not feelings like you so much showed in your post. Facts over feelings, try it sometime.

An interesting piece of information from the chart below is that after the 01/03 Bush tax cuts, often claimed to be a tax cut for the rich, the tax burden of the top 1 percent actually increased significantly.
I did not want to make you feel bad on Thanksgiving, but this is Friday so the truth goes:

"What is great about this country is people can become extremely rich and built that way."

There is nothing great about three rich man hoards more wealth than the bottom 100 million Americans combined. Resource is limited, the more the rich people hoards, the less worker class gets paid, simple as that.

"An oligarch is a businessperson who has undue influence on the political system in a country. They typically are a part of an oligarchy, which is a form of government ruled by a small group. Definition and Examples of an Oligarch An oligarch is usually part of a small ruling class, and has influence and control over government leaders."

You just perfectly described all the billionaires in the US, thank you.

"The Top 1 Percent Pays More in Taxes than the Bottom 90 Percent | Tax Foundation (CHART INCLUDED in LINK)"

Wrong. You know there are many kinds of taxes such as consumption taxes, payroll taxes, estate taxes, corporate and property taxes and income taxes, when you add everything up it paints a different picture. And I don't even want to get into all the loop holes that was purposely left open for rich people to evade taxes.

"Maybe the reason why "MAGA" people making $40k get mad when they hear "tax the rich" is because they actually go with facts and not feelings like you so much showed in your post. Facts over feelings, try it sometime."

ROFL, I did not know you are a comedian in disguise.
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