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Upfront tip option is desperately needed.

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Who the hell want to give this paxhole a ride?
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Additional $30 will get him there.
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I've heard, in china, if your social ratings fall below certain level, you cannot take public transportations, airplanes n taxis.
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Also don't forget we all live in a society dominated by credit score, which decides whether you can get a loan, rent a place, buy a car or get a job or become homeless, seems much more cruel than what China has right now.
True, but we are in a much better place than China.
I pay attention to world news.
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We all have our strategies. Except for these 185 numskulls.
My strategy: never go to LAX.
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China definitely has better food,
Better food? I disagree. I would agree if said unhealthy food.
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You don't get your car window smashed, wheels stolen, shot, robbed, kidnapped in most decent countries other than the US, seeing a specialist is also much easier in China, even with a good HMO it still takes a ****ing month or two to see a specialist.
US is far from a perfect place but better than communist China.
A big mouth like myself will not survive there.
In this forum, I think I have been banned more than anyone else.

As for healthcare in this country, it's a f-ing joke.
but there are also countries where being poor is less miserable than the US.
We drivers need to move there. Where is it?
worst they get is like 3 days if it actually incites public panic / creates chaos. Despite 4x the population, there are actually less people incarcerated in China than the US.
Beat yo ass to near death 3 days in jail you mean.

We probably have the largest population in jail than any other.
The average IQ here is that of a monkey.
In some of the poorer countries that don’t have safety nets, being poor can be less miserable simply because it doesn’t take a lot of money to survive. Your family may own the house or you have very low rent and the general cost of living is low. You’re not going to have a ton of first world amenities, but if you just want to live a simple life, it’s not miserable.
That's then. Now is a different story.
King dollar is making everything more expensive these days in poorer countries. Siri Lanka for example.
But I do get your point. 👍
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Back to topic. If your rider complains about having to wait long for a ride, tell them to order priority. (Uber not lyft)
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“rat race”
Rat race is at every bigger cities. Competition for survival is the name of the game for most.

Thou I live in LA now, I'm preparing myself to leave the rat race.
Up front tipping for food delivery is different.
I wouldn't up front tip a driver if I don't know how the driver drives, if the car smells or perhaps the driver is a total nut job.
No I don't think up front tipping for rideshare what have many takers.
We were having a conversion about logic on another thread. Won't you join us there.
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Where you going?
Who the hell knows in this crazy world.
Time will tell.
Dog meat is one of the major proteins in Korean and they even have a dog eating festival, obviously less people are doing it right now in the modern days.
Lmao. Eating dogs is illegal in Korea.
That's not true, although I'd say it's definitely uncommon now than it used to, back then people were poor so they didn't have much choice when it comes to meat.

Look, I am not judging and I am simply stating facts, and I believe you have every right to eat whatever you want (as long as it's not human) because of different culture, history back ground etc. There are also fishing villages in Japan hunt and eat dolphins, which most people detest, I won't do it nor support it but I try to understand people who do it for a living.

Americans and many westerns just like to judge others because of "moral high ground", arrogance and racism is what is really behind it. The truth is, what other people eat in their countries is none of your ****ing business nor you are better than anyone.
I remember eating dog soup when I was a little. My mom lied to me saying it's beef. Later when I found out, did not talk to my mom for about a month.

But, not gonna lie. It was really tasty.🤣
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I've had chicken lips once.
Chickens don't have lips. You've been fooled.🤣
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Like I said, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Back then Asian countries were piss poor, we ate whatever we could find for protein. If we had a ****ing choice in the first place, you think we wouldn't pick steak and chicken over those mysterious meat? Why do you think there is flank, tendon and tripe in Vietnamese pho? Because meat wasn't enough.
"Dog meat is majority of Korea's protein" is wrong n stupid to say.
Dog eating days are over, but I do believe the older generation still do time to time. It's something Koreans picked up during the korean war when they had nothing to eat. But it is illegal to do nowadays.

Stop talking about another country if you don't have much info about it.

Who would know better, you or me?
Between oil for heat , gasoline for my car and electricity for everything else middle and lower class In USA are getting sent to the poor house
Reassess your current situation.
(Must do this time to time)
Not saying you, but most people just work n busy making payments. Some save money. But all that ain't gonna do it.
Focus on passive income.
The quest was 60 for $195 and an additional $115 for 20 more. I been taking 20 per day because the extras would make me work more than I want to.
The weekday ones have only been $2 a ride so they can pound sand.
That's way better than LA.
It's more like $1 per trip per quest here.
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