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Yeah... 1 hr here.... 1 hr there boots.... $1.50 $2 extra a ride, only they are now offering less money for a ride when there is a boost offered.
Too lazy to look it up now, but I have ride offers that have a $6 boost that are at least $3 less than any other similar offer. So they are effectively taking the boost money.
Offers that would normally be $4 with a $3 boost that are offered for $5....

Is there even a minimum fare anymore?
I don't believe there is a minimum. Or it is only pennies. I remember a ride I did that had a $5 boost and a $7 Surge and it paid something like $12.13. Has anyone had a ride that paid literally nothing except for Surge and promo money? 13 cents is pretty close to nothing.
1 - 5 of 75 Posts