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So I pick up at a Dulles airport and the destination is National Air and Space Museum (downtown) around 7pm. I confirm the destination as usual,
Me: "Air and Space museum, in the city?"
Pax: "Yep" - (obviously listening to something on her phone with ear buds)
Me: "Great" (had my destination filter on for the Verizon Center, so great success...)

...pax makes a couple calls, not having a good week, flew into DCA, hotel is out at Dulles, event is in the city, $55 Uber's back and forth...blah blah blah, we get to the city just getting off 395 at L'enfant and the phone conv turns to the event and location she is going to and confusion ensues. Her event is at the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum a couple miles from where I picked her up.

Pax is pretty angry now, so I ask if we're headed back....yep

Then she thanks me for being nice and is pleasant for the entire return trip. I did not see that coming. Turned my week around uber-wise. Another thing you probably won't believe: went from Dulles to downtown back to Dulles in 82 minutes.

Thursday night turned out okay, except the Caps got blasted...and no tip...
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