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Got a lux ride....

Pick the lady up, she's older, and didn't look like she was doing too well healthwise. Not virus related lol.

She gets in, and the smell hits me almost immediately. The ladies covered in piss. Very short ride, so I went ahead and dropped her off gagging and cringing as I went. Let's see what kind of lyft bonus I get out of this one
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The punishment being I have to clean it myself since there's no car detail places anywhere open. Luckily for me, I had everything I needed to clean it up in the back, including gloves and Lysol. Now I just have to keep the app off for a while to make it look legit

No good deed goes unpunished
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You act like I'm a rookie. Don't think I didn't smear a little something there for effect

Good luck. They normally don't pay for smells.

I carry Apples and Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal in the trunk for just this occasion*. Mix it with half the water and it makes nasty pictures with chunks but is easy to wipe up.

I had a guy puke, mainly all over himself but the smell lingered. I was done for the night. Mix some up, spread liberally, take pics, submit to Rohit, $150 easy-peasy.

*I don't advocate fraudulent cleaning fees. I only use it in situations like above where I will be getting a cleaning fee anyway to make sure I get the maximum amount.
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If I were still in the 2014, I would have shit and wiped with the floormat

Knowing you, you took a dump for maximum effect
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