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Unable to see my car in the Rider app

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RESOLVED - Greenlight hub person messed up my partner's account while trying to troubleshoot and had to resubmit everything and through the process of that got the app to work and his car to show up.

My partner had signed up recently to be a driver Uber. Everything was ready to go in the account, but when he went to pick up his first ride, he found his car wasn't show up in the rider app. Had him log on to my phone and it still didn't show up on the map.

Talked to someone at an Uber Greenlight hub and they couldn't do anything. Account was in good standing. Got a new phone to make sure it wasn't that. Been trying to get a hold of support with no luck. We will keep pestering with emails until someone responds.

Has anyone had this problem and were they able to get it resolved? If so,how?

Portland, OR
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Whenever that happens uninstall the Uber driver app and reinstall it. Also go into settings and clear out the cache.
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