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UN report singles out homeless conditions in Oakland, San Francisco as 'cruel and inhumane'

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By Lisa Fernandez

OAKLAND, Calif. - A United Nations expert on housing explicitly singled out San Francisco and Oakland as the only two U.S. cities that are part of a "global scandal," describing homeless encampments there as "cruel and inhumane."
The U.N. Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, Canadian attorney Lelani Farha, presented her 23-page report on Oct. 18 in New York at the U.N. General Assembly after touring the world and visiting the Bay Area in January.
She also visited Berkeley and Los Angeles, but did not mention those cities in her report. On Tuesday, Bay Area housing activists held a rally at Oakland City Hall to discuss the findings.



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You guys have seen my comments in the past about the homeless situation and know that I'm not a big fan of hobos but you know who I hate even more?

The liberal hypocrites who run the show in places like SF/Seattle/NYC. These spineless evil cocksucking liberals truly don't care. I've been around these types all my life growing up in the bay area. Diversity for thee but not for me types. I know exactly how they are. They act like they care and do just enough to make themselves feel good and kowtow to groups who cry out the loudest because they know that they can get brownie points from these groups(women, minorities, LGBT). You know who the liberals can't get brownie points from? Asian men. Asian men aren't outspoken in the SJW identity politics scene and thats why liberals respect everyone but them. Asian men are like the laughing joke in these progressive liberal metro cities. If any of my Asian brothers are reading this, know that the liberals Dems are not your friends. We have far more things in common with conservative Republicans.

These spineless liberals tend to cave into reactionary demands and the new policies don't really benefit anyone in the long run but themselves (if anything making things worst both in the short and long term in many cases). Because remember, the liberals secretly don't care and are only there to appease others for their own benefit (much like the way Uber works with their "partners", Uber appeases the Ants and makes changes that benefits both parties when in actuality, Uber benefits the most by far while the Ants get screwed over in the short/long run fighting amongst themselves and are forced into a "I'll take what I can get mentality")

If they truly cared, they would actually do something about the homeless problem and fix it at its' root. Not enable it like theyre doing right now.

Hell just about a year ago the city was proposing a safety injection site until the feds gave a stern written warning saying that they were gonna come down hard and prosecute city officials.

Can't wait to get out of CA. The liberals here are ruthless evil vultures in disguise.

Sorry about the rant, but this is my take on the bay area which is a sick joke imo.
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