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ummm. No 5 stars?

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She says she had to charge her near-dead phone battery. Bet her request for a cord after the Spotify tunes and second bottle of ice cold water, set that poor driver off!

Also I see the Uber spokeshole says they deactivated the driver, yet will "take appropriate action when they know more".

Think that means they'll also revoke his referral code?!
I'm hearing only one side of a story here. Unfortunately in this media landscape where Uber drivers are seen as degenerate low lives anything negative said about them is taken instantly as the gospel truth. This is why I say if your driving without a dash camera at this point with all that's been in the news you're kinda begging to get bent over and screwed.
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I don’t care if it’s the short way or the long way. FOLLOW the GPS!! These pax are on egg shell!

Unless the pax tells you differently. Just follow the fcking GPS!
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There was a national story a couple of weeks ago out of SF about how since the city allowed ridesharing studies wee showing that DUI's dropped like 53%. I'm sure the many taxi companies in SF weren't very happy to read that. Not that they'd set something like this up or anything. Because they certainly have been running smear campaigns in Portland with this exact same kind of scenario.
Ill bet the driver loves Pepsi.

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