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Total Trip /Week = 10
Distance Traveled = 82.57 miles
Total Time(Minutes) =238.49 minutes
Net Payment from Uber =$97.20
Average rate = 41cents/minute ==$24.60/Hr

Wait it is really 21cents/minute, reason, chances are when you are coming back to you home base, you may get the return route, Uber need to really work on their software so that the Uber drivers can do the following

1. Set a radius of pickup/dropoff from their "home base" before they set their app on.
2. Provide the driver the actual cost before the driver accepts.
3. Give more then 5 seconds to accept.

"Home Base" is a "Garage" for the Uber driver, so when he/she ends the day trips, drivers should be able to alert the Uber app, that he wants to go back home, and is willing to pick up passenger going the same way.
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