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Hello all,

So I've been driving uber for about 4 months now downtown Toronto and I love it. However, as many have mentioned on these threads, surges are becoming fewer and far between and without a surge price you barely make enough to be worth your time anymore after the safe ride fee and 20-25% deduction.

My lease is ending soon and I'm torn between getting a hybrid to make the short $4 rides worth it, buying a vehicle that can be used as XL or even more interested in getting a car that fits in the UberSelect category.

Now here are the hardcore questions:

Who here drives select in Toronto right now?

How often do you see select pings in Toronto?

I've heard the rides are worth it, but there are much less pings. However, those are all coming from other cities not Toronto. Any TO locals care to share how many rides they average an hour?

Which times are best for driving select? I'm sure rush hour is good (4-8pm) but what about mornings? And weekends especially?

Lastly, what cars do you recommend that won't break the bank for when I drive uberX in between the select calls.

Thanks everyone!!
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