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UberSaur goes to 2,500+ Lifetime Trips today!!

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Congratulations UberSaur and FT'ers grinding it on Heavy Metal Incentive Programme. I've been earning more actually even at base rate because I'm using destination filter on my commute both directions and have driven much less miles. I'm no longer having to waste miles for Dulles drop offs in the morning.
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Uber is trying to squeeze Lyft. That seems to be working. I have been trying to get a Lyft ping all week, especially when Uber sent me to stand in the Virtual Corner. Further, I do want to keep the Lyft account active, so I do need to cover a ping here and there. I could not get one. Finally, to-day, I got one. I had to let expire two Lyft Lines, but finally, I got a regular Lyft. I am guessing that people are using Lyft less because there are no drivers available; they are all on Uber taking its money.
I can't get a decent Lyft ping that is 10 minutes or less away. Using destination filter with Lyft I get no pings at all. RIP Lyft.
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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