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Uber launches self driving cars! With drivers! Huh? Another bogus driverless car story with fake headlines running on all the news outlets. FUber, please please, please... put one of those fake driverless cars on the road with no driver. We can't wait to see them crash and burn.
Yeah they're have major problems with bridges. What happens in weather. Another propaganda piece to get more investor money. Their propaganda machine rivials the Nazis. Feed an endless amount of bull to the public and hope they believe.

I think a cost analysis should be done. Their costs to operate per mile will be higher than the IRS 54 cents per mile deduction. A fleet of new cars plus the driverless technology will be more expensive than their current driver partner model.

Are the cars driving back to the garages every night. Maintenance costs will have to rival airplanes. Triple check everything mechanical before hitting the road. One fatality will cost millions.
1 - 1 of 61 Posts
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