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Uber's insurance is an issue that no one talk about it because no one knows about it.
The true - Uber insurance goes to Uber's pocket from drivers labor.

As per NJ State law, no one can charge for an insurance addendum or fee to no one, unless that company or entity is an Insurance Carrier, meaning: Only an Insurance Company can charge for Insurance.

Now on Uber's ride of $5.00 - Uber is getting their 20% referral fee + $1.00 for Insurance. That is equal to 36% of the fare. That is not fair to drivers. Drivers are paying for Uber's own insurance. No way.

For more information, you can call 609-292-7272 or visit the NJ State Dept of Insurance at www.state.nj.us

If you think you are entitle to keep your $1.00 per ride + get a refund of all the rides that you made, file a claim against Uber by printing this page. http://www.state.nj.us/dobi/complain.pdf

Who knows more about insurance than the NJ State Dept of Insurance?

Drivers should make more money and keep most of the earnings and not the multi billion dollar company that does not need it.

Driver for drivers.


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