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This was one of the issues which used to keep me up at night when I still owned the cab company.
A disabled person would call and inquire and I'd freak that it was a Secret shopper from a law firm representing a special interest group.
Lucky for me, the big company in town operated The Ride in contract with the state and had dozens of lift vans.
I'd stay polite and offer my "partners number".
Having to purchase a Liberty van would have put me out of business.
I can relate! Disability, dogs, and child seat issues drove me nuts in the cab business. I had some Muslim drivers ( great drivers in every other way) who would refuse to pick up people with service dogs for religious reasons. Child seats are great but they take up space in the trunk needed for luggage. Your right, most disability issues can be worked out, even had a few wheelchairs when pax was accompanied by a helper.
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