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Interesting article about being shy and driving strangers around in your private car.

Ubers App to Help Shy Drivers


Notes from the article:

It's certainly likely to benefit the driver - there is the suggestion that conversation-free rides can lead to lower ratings for drivers.

And low ratings can lead to a driver being kicked out of Uber.

"We always find those drivers who have those great casual conversations with riders are always really highly rated," Mr Greenacre said.

This seems to make sense, since conversation breaks the ice and makes most people feel at ease, except for those psychopath kind of individuals.

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For some a 5 star is a great conversation with no awkward silence making you feel uncomfortable.

For some a 5 Star is a driver who just takes them safely to their destination and doesn’t try to talk to them as they don’t want to talk.

For some, the first option can quickly turn into a 1 Star if the person was having a very bad day and wanted to be left alone while the driver kept prodding for them to talk.

I think Uber should take all of these into consideration.
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