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#UberRAPE | Charleston teacher kidnaps, sexually assaults woman while Uber driving

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Who knew this business was so rapey?
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School teacher working as Uber driver accused of kidnapping, sexually assaulting woman
Sorry to say but this guy looks like a massive creeper.. he just has that look. I would definitely not get in his car if he was my uber driver and if he was a pax, I wouldn't have picked him up.
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Hey, now that he's gonna be a registered sex offender all the regular taxi companies will hire him.
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He looks less fat in his facebook pictures.
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There is something "fishy" about this "rape", but whatever the case, you good people should learn a lesson about this which is that picking up or being alone with drunk females late at night, especially when "crying rape" is immensely popular, especially those who are already pissed off at men, may well result in some kind of negative consequence.

"P.S. = He'll never be convicted of rape.
These slugs are everywhere doing in every profession. Some professions get more attention when this happens than others. This guy has the double whammy of being a teacher and an Uber driver. Bottom line, there's no way to safely weed out these people when hiring them.
WTF. Being a teacher is a whammy ? Are you ignorant or what ?

And why are you convicting this guy without knowing the facts. What about the presumption of innocence.

If you knew Charleston and read the police report, you would know the following:
1. The bar where he picked the couple up was a sleazebag bar known for letting people getting
"bad drunk". The Windjammer. It was late. The reason they called Uber for the 30+ minute
ride is that they were too drunk to drive. Their car was at the bar.
2. The driver took them to the requested destination....the boyfriend's apt in downtown Charleston. The girl then decided not to go to
the boyfriend's apt and requested the driver to take her to her apt. The report says that her apt was a few blocks away.
That probably means a room at/near the College of Charleston which is near the boyfriend's apt She was drunk and probably fighting with her
3. Then, the next thing we read about is that the "rape" occurred 20 minutes away (12-15 miles west of the boyfriend's apt). The act of rape
was the driver "giving head" to the girl in the back seat.
4. At all times, the girl had her cell phone.
5. There were scores of places where the girl could have gotten out of the car between the place where her boyfriend was dropped off and the site of the
supposed rape.

I "know" what probably happened and it was not rape. The driver will not be convict and, notwithstanding that, Uber will pay her an undisclosed amount with a confidentiality agreement.
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