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I started when they started. May 1, they gave me Platinum. Work PT now, its Trader Joe's money if that. Lot respect for the current FT+ drivers.

Points. To keep Platinum - else they "lower" you - one needs 1,600 points in 3 months or 533.33 points per month or 133.33 per week. Driving outside of their "specified" hours you get 1 point per ride.

Translation: You need 133 trips a week. But, don't bet the house on many 3x1 deals. For instance, take today good old $making Friday - Only 5-7pm.

My Take. UberPro wants to control when you drive end of story. Forget about the how much. That ship has sailed. Fares are not coming back up. Its about the times you drive now. Thus, driving like mad dog to keep adding points...on the fear of being lowered to the cheap seats is not worth the gas.

Trip Duration. Worthless. They don't show the address. For example, take 3rd Street to Emeryville. 9 miles away. That ride is $17 bucks with toll included. Would you take it ? D

My Take. I am not crossing the Bay Bridge period or going to San Jose for $40 bucks. Fuggedaboutit. I always cancel those trips. I mean always. Don't be afraid to do that. They need drivers.

Gaslighting is a the right word for what they are doing. You can look up the meaning. In short: is manipulation on what they say. Words are dime a dozen. Actions is where the rubber meets the road. No pun intended.

Final. Work at you pace. Driver carefully. Don't get trapped in the UberPro "hamster wheel". Keep your dignity and soulfulness intact AND look for another gig. This one is a dead end.

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