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UberPool Coming to Savannah!

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This is a rumor, but I hear that there was a corporate guy, Mike, who's been talking to drivers around here for a while. Not insignificantly, there have been phone calls from corporate telling drivers how awesome they are. This is a prelude to bad thing around the corner.

Mike told a driver that due to the volume of SCAD students using Uber, many going to the same place, they were going to institute UberPool "within 90 days".

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Hey, all. I've been driving for 2 months or so, part-time. Still learning the ropes. Not sure how UberPool would work, but sounds like it may cut into the income. JimS, care to clarify this?
OK - so the rumor is false. Thank goodness!

Basically, it works like this:

You pick up pax A at point A. He wants to go to point C. On the way, you get a ping for pax B at point B. He wants to go to point D.

You get paid as if you took pax A from point A to point D. Period. Uber gets paid for taking pax A from point A to C AND pax B from point B to point D.

Oh - and if Point D is BEFORE point C, then it's like you never picked up pax B. You get the fare from A-C.

Now, they SAY that you'll get paid X rates no matter what along the above scenarios, while they only charge the pax about 30% less, indicating that if you don't get a 2nd rider, you make more than Uber. But that's disputable.
Thanks. That helps. Nice to have this forum and talk to others.
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Ok. Another question from the newbie:
It's there a way to post on your profile for rider's too see that I have a policy of no food or rink in my car?
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