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UberPool Coming to Savannah!

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This is a rumor, but I hear that there was a corporate guy, Mike, who's been talking to drivers around here for a while. Not insignificantly, there have been phone calls from corporate telling drivers how awesome they are. This is a prelude to bad thing around the corner.

Mike told a driver that due to the volume of SCAD students using Uber, many going to the same place, they were going to institute UberPool "within 90 days".

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I drive in a different city, but have found a way to outsmart uberpools. I used to not accept them, but my acceptance rate took a pounding. If I am driving in a surge or boost area, I accept pool rides. But I immediately hit the "stop new requests" tab and the app thinks this is going to be my last ride. As soon as I complete the trip the app asks if I want to go offline or keep driving. I hit keep driving and go on my way. May acceptance rate jumped up to 95%. The riders think they lucked out and didn't get paired with another driver. This also keeps other riders out there that other drivers can get. I have been doing this for 2 weeks now. I have been waiting for a warning from the uber gods but have yet to see any negative result of doing this.
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