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UberPool Coming to Savannah!

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This is a rumor, but I hear that there was a corporate guy, Mike, who's been talking to drivers around here for a while. Not insignificantly, there have been phone calls from corporate telling drivers how awesome they are. This is a prelude to bad thing around the corner.

Mike told a driver that due to the volume of SCAD students using Uber, many going to the same place, they were going to institute UberPool "within 90 days".

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OK - so the rumor is false. Thank goodness!

Basically, it works like this:

You pick up pax A at point A. He wants to go to point C. On the way, you get a ping for pax B at point B. He wants to go to point D.

You get paid as if you took pax A from point A to point D. Period. Uber gets paid for taking pax A from point A to C AND pax B from point B to point D.

Oh - and if Point D is BEFORE point C, then it's like you never picked up pax B. You get the fare from A-C.

Now, they SAY that you'll get paid X rates no matter what along the above scenarios, while they only charge the pax about 30% less, indicating that if you don't get a 2nd rider, you make more than Uber. But that's disputable.
Ok. Another question from the newbie:
It's there a way to post on your profile for rider's too see that I have a policy of no food or rink in my car?
No. I'd buy stickers or something. I just tell them before I unlock the door if I see them with drinks in their hands.

You must remind them that open containers of alcohol are ONLY legal downtown while walking around and NOT in vehicles. Chug it or chuck it.

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