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Ubering on Long Island

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Hi! I am a newbie and have been ubering in New York for 4 weeks now. I live on Long Island and usually end up ubering in the city. However, since I am a Long Islander , I would actually prefer to do uber on Long Island. I have started accepting pings on Long Island but I am worried. I have some questions about ubering on Long Island? Can we uber on Long Island? I mean ....Uber does show up requests on Long island....So, I believe we can do uber on Long Island. Do we require any special licensing to do uber on Long island? If so what other licenses should I get to do uber here on Long Island? I want to be legal driving uber on Long Island. How do I do it? I often drive around Huntington, Syosset, Oyester Bay, Garden City, Hicksville and pretty much all of Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Please advice me regarding what I have to do to avoid getting in trouble with the police here on Long Island. Thank you.
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Anywhere on the 'Guy-land is legal except for East Hampton (&Montauk?) but Uber has said they've ceased operations there so you shouldn't get EH pings . With NYC TLC license and plates you are legal to pickup most anywhere in the country EXCEPT Newark Airport and Newark Penn Station. Uber has given me pings for EWR which I decline - who needs the hassle of fighting a stupid ticket in Newark even if Uber will reimburse!?
Actually it is legal for you to pick up at Newark Airport, Westchester and Nassau county as stated in the nyc tlc rules.
No no and no! Newark maybe but the rest are a BIG No!
My bad your right....its that you can't refuse droop-offs in the 5 boros, Newark airport, Westchester county and Nassau county
News 12 is working on a story about how Southampton Town is pushing for stricter background checks for for-hire drivers (uber & etc) and increasing fees. Are any Long Island drivers concerned about this? If so we'd like to talk to you on camera. Call 516-393-1394 Ask for Brad. Thanks..
How bout doing a story on how uber is ripping off drivers and passengers. Do a story about the already expensive startup costs to start driving and making peanuts for rides that should be a livable wage....I'm sure you'll get drivers on camera then
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