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Ubering on Long Island

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Hi! I am a newbie and have been ubering in New York for 4 weeks now. I live on Long Island and usually end up ubering in the city. However, since I am a Long Islander , I would actually prefer to do uber on Long Island. I have started accepting pings on Long Island but I am worried. I have some questions about ubering on Long Island? Can we uber on Long Island? I mean ....Uber does show up requests on Long island....So, I believe we can do uber on Long Island. Do we require any special licensing to do uber on Long island? If so what other licenses should I get to do uber here on Long Island? I want to be legal driving uber on Long Island. How do I do it? I often drive around Huntington, Syosset, Oyester Bay, Garden City, Hicksville and pretty much all of Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Please advice me regarding what I have to do to avoid getting in trouble with the police here on Long Island. Thank you.
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Ask 10 uber drivers you get 14 opinions.
4 of those come from Megatron and his multiple aliases/personalities?
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so we are allowed to pick up in Westchester if the destination is outside of Westchester?
Destination must be in NYC.
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